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Web design Symposium Berlin

Web design Symposium Berlin

IUP Ingenieure
Web design, seo, GDPR
WordPress CMS
Built with the content management system WordPress
Fully responsive
Full responsive web desgin. Designed for all devices, desktop, tablet and mobile
Search engine optimized. All pages in all languages with meta data for search engines

We recently completed a web design project for an event in Berlin, building a one-page website that encapsulates all necessary details for potential attendees. This project focused on delivering a seamless user experience by integrating essential event information, accommodation details, the event program, and an application form. Ensuring GDPR compliance, SEO optimization, and responsive design were key priorities, making the site both user-friendly and effective in reaching a broader audience. Below are the standout features of this project:


One-Page Design

The website features a sleek, single-page layout, ensuring all essential information is easily accessible without the need for complex navigation.


Event Details

Clear and concise information about the event’s date, time, and location, allowing participants to quickly understand the when and where of the event.


Event Subjects

Comprehensive coverage of the event’s topics and themes, giving visitors a thorough understanding of what will be discussed and the expertise being shared.


Program Schedule

A detailed, interactive schedule for the two-day event is available, along with the option to download the program in PDF format for offline access.


Application form

A user-friendly form is embedded within the page, allowing participants to easily apply for the event. This form is fully compliant with GDPR regulations to ensure data privacy and protection.


On-Page Optimization

The website is optimized for search engines with strategic keyword placement, meta descriptions, and alt text for images, enhancing its visibility and reach.


GDPR Compliance

All elements of the website, particularly the data collection forms, adhere to GDPR standards, ensuring user data is handled with utmost care and legality.

The Berlin event website effectively combines functionality with an intuitive design to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for potential attendees. Its one-page layout ensures ease of navigation, while the detailed sections on event logistics, program schedules and accommodation options cater to the needs of the participants.

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