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Web design Ivana Doulgerof

Web design Ivana Doulgerof

Ivana Doulgerof
Personal blog
Web design, seo, GDPR
WordPress CMS
Built with the content management system WordPress
Fully responsive
Full responsive web desgin. Designed for all devices, desktop, tablet and mobile
Search engine optimized. All pages in all languages with meta data for search engines
Greek, English

We successfully delivered a versatile and engaging website for the private individual, encompassing a blog for content creation, Instagram integration for social media updates, a timeline page for showcasing experiences, and contact information for communication. By prioritizing personalization, visual cohesion, and responsive design, the website serves as a dynamic platform for the client to share their passions, connect with their audience, and establish an online presence reflective of their unique interests and journey.


Client Brief

We developed a multifaceted website for a private individual, featuring a blog section to share content on travel, cooking, and other interests, alongside an Instagram news feed integration for dynamic social media updates.


Blog Integration

We implemented a user-friendly blog platform allowing the client to create and publish content related to their passions, fostering engagement and connection with readers.


Instagram Feed Integration

We seamlessly integrated an Instagram news feed to display the client’s latest posts and visual content, enhancing the website’s dynamism and interactivity.


Timeline Page

We designed a captivating timeline page showcasing the client’s notable experiences, achievements, and milestones, providing visitors with a comprehensive overview of their journey and interests.



We tailored the website design to reflect the client’s personality and interests, creating a unique and authentic online presence that resonates with their audience.


Responsive Design

We developed a responsive website design that adapts seamlessly to various devices and screen sizes, providing an optimal viewing experience for visitors on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.


SEO Optimization

We implemented on-page SEO techniques to improve the website’s visibility and search engine ranking, enabling the client to reach a wider audience and increase organic traffic.

This project results in a vibrant website tailored to a private individual’s diverse interests. By incorporating a dynamic blog, Instagram feed integration, and a captivating timeline page, we’ve created a platform for sharing experiences and passions. With clear contact information for communication, the website serves as a personal hub for connecting with readers and followers. Through thoughtful design and optimization, we’ve crafted a unique online presence that reflects the client’s personality and engages their audience effectively.

We design with love and in each detail. Web design for all businesses, what is yours?

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