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Web design Kay Holtzmann

Web design Kay Holtzmann

Kay Holtzmann
Web design, seo, GDPR, translation
WordPress CMS
Built with the content management system WordPress
Fully responsive
Full responsive web desgin. Designed for all devices, desktop, tablet and mobile
Search engine optimized. All pages in all languages with meta data for search engines
German, English

As this project confirms, even an “one-man-business” needs and deserves a great website. In the end it is your business card shown to the world. For Kay Holtzmann, a geologist from Berlin, we designed a great website which includes:


Landing Page

We built and designed the landing page to immediately capture visitors’ attention and compellingly introduce them to the website. By incorporating a clear message and engaging graphics, the landing page invites visitors to delve deeper into the engineer and his services.


About me (personal profile)

The “About Me” page provides a personal insight into his background and his experiences. Through a combination of professional photos and engaging text, trust is built, and a connection is established with the visitor.



The “Services” page details the specific offerings. From consulting to project development, all aspects of his expertise are succinctly presented to appeal to potential clients.



The portfolio section showcases some selected projects undertaken and each project is presented with images, a brief description, and the technologies used, demonstrating his expertise and skills.



The contact page allows visitors to easily get in touch. A form enables them to quickly leave a message, and a map shows his location.


Legal and Privacy

The website also includes legal pages and privacy policies to ensure compliance with applicable regulations such as GDPR and to bolster visitor trust.


Search engine optimization

We optimized the entire website for an optimal SEO performance, ensuring it ranks well on search engines and attracts potential clients.
We optimize all single pages on every project designing a website.

We’ve developed and designed a user-friendly website that offers clear and easy access to all information. With optimized loading times, visitors can navigate our site swiftly and efficiently.

We design with love and in each detail. Web design for all businesses, what is yours?

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